Gelato Ice Cream Machine - 1.5 Litre Per Cycle

Gelato Ice Cream Machine – 1.5 Litre Per Cycle
Specifications: GMS0005

Dimensions: 435 × 570 × 515mm
Weight: 50kg
Production Per Cycle: 1.5Lt
Production Per Hour: 6Lt
Power: 0.7kW – 230 Volt 50 Hz
Specifications: GMS0010

Dimensions: 435 × 570 × 515mm
Weight: 55kg
Production Per Cycle: 2Lt
Production Per Hour: 10Lt
Power: 1.1kW – 230 Volt 50 Hz

Beautiful exterior design. Rounded corners for better safety at work
Long-duration stirrer with rasp blade in polyethylene. All parts in contacts with the mix or ice-cream are in stainless steel and in nontoxic material; all are easily accessible and removable for cleaning
Cleanliness and hygiene assured thanks to the wash water discharge located directly on the ice-cream production vat
Control panel with timer and reset allows the user to set the agitator speed and the ideal density of the batch in relation to the type of mix
Double cover for adding ingredients while the mixer is working
Micro magnetic device for stopping the mixer before opening the cover
The vertically installed creaming tank facilitates inspection of the mix during the creaming process